I am a research engineer working in the medical devices industry. Previously I held academic positions in post-doctoral and doctoral reseacher capacity. This is a personal showcase of my research and other interests.


Understanding the mechanics of inelastic deformation in metallic materials across length scales is the goal of my research. I use microstructural and macroscopic modeling along with surface and bulk characterization techniques such as digital image correlation and high energy X-ray diffraction to achieve this goal. Shape memory alloys (SMAs) that deform by both phase transformation and plasticity are the present focus of my work.

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Research Engineer(2017-present)

Confluent Medical Technologies

Post-doctoral Fellow(2014-2017)

Mechanical Engineering, Colorado School of Mines

Visiting Post-doctoral Fellow(2014-2016)

Mechanical Engineering, Northwestern University

Doctor of Philosophy(2009-2014)

Materials Science and Engineering, The Ohio State University

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Here are a few recent posts from my blog.


I enjoy designing web experiences, mostly related to science, art and education. Here are some finished projects and some works in progress.

Screenshot of the BrewPF app at http://brewpf.harshadparanjape.com/.

BrewPF | Beers meet crystallography. Explore the color, strength and bitterness of beers on an inverse pole figure.

Screenshot of the 400rgb app at http://400rgb.harshadparanjape.com/.

400RGB | Colors and patterns. Make interesting patterns using parametric curves and colors.

Screenshot of the Railgun Academy app at http://railgun.academy/.

Railgun.Academy | Being tech-savvy in the grad-school is all about productivity. This six lesson plan to teach essential computational skills is currently a work in progress.