I am a research engineer working in the medical devices industry. Previously I held academic positions in post-doctoral and doctoral reseacher capacity. This is a personal showcase of my research and other interests.


Reliably predicting damage in structural metallic materials is the goal of my research. I use microstructural and macroscopic modeling along with surface and bulk characterization techniques such as digital image correlation and high-energy X-ray diffraction to achieve this goal. I also use numerical methods to quantify uncertainty in various components used as inputs to the models. Shape memory alloys (SMAs) that deform by both phase transformation and plasticity are the present focus of my work.

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Research Engineer(2017-present)

Confluent Medical Technologies

Post-doctoral Fellow(2014-2017)

Mechanical Engineering, Colorado School of Mines

Visiting Post-doctoral Fellow(2014-2016)

Mechanical Engineering, Northwestern University

Doctor of Philosophy(2009-2014)

Materials Science and Engineering, The Ohio State University

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I enjoy designing web experiences, mostly related to science, art and education. Here are some finished projects and some works in progress.

Screenshot of the BrewPF app at http://brewpf.harshadparanjape.com/.

BrewPF | Beers meet crystallography. Explore the color, strength and bitterness of beers on an inverse pole figure.

Screenshot of the 400rgb app at http://400rgb.harshadparanjape.com/.

400RGB | Colors and patterns. Make interesting patterns using parametric curves and colors.

Screenshot of the Railgun Academy app at http://railgun.academy/.

Railgun.Academy | Being tech-savvy in the grad-school is all about productivity. This six lesson plan to teach essential computational skills is currently a work in progress.